Leinbaugh Complex Paver Project

About the Project

Help make the Leinbaugh complex beautiful and leave your mark! Volunteers are working hard to make the area between the track and concession stands at the Leinbaugh complex a hard surface for all to enjoy.

Now is your chance to purchase an engraved paver to be installed in this area. Whether you are a business owner, an alumni, or a Mustang fan, we welcome you to leave your mark!

Reserve your paver or plaque today – space is limited!

  • Show your Mustang spirit
  • Unique gift for the Mustang in your life
  • Memorialize a friend or loved one

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Questions about this project?

For questions regarding the Paver project, please contact:

Brian Eddy
Email: beddy@robertseddy.com
Phone: 319-334-3704

Paver Options

4″ x 8″ Paver

Reserved for an individual Mustang fan, a small family of Mustangs, or to memorialize a loved one! These pavers will make up the majority of the paved area.

Character Limit: 48 (letters & numbers only)

Cost: $75

2′ x 2′ Paver

Reserved for businesses or if you have a lot of Mustangs in your family. This 2 ft by 2 ft. paver is ideal for showcasing your business or family’s pride with plenty of room for everyone’s names and your logo or message. Great for alumni classes as well!

Submit Artwork to: paver@indeemustangfoundation.com

Cost: $400

 4′ x 8′ Paver

This 4 ft. by 8 ft. paver is a great size to create some impact and perfect for businesses! Have your business logo and information engraved and on display for countless Leinbaugh Complex visitor.

Submit Artwork to: paver@indeemustangfoundation.com

Cost: $2,500

Memorial Table Plaque

Display your message on a plaque to be placed in the center of a round seating table. These tables sit in the paved area between the track and concession stands.

Submit Artwork to: paver@indeemustangfoundation.com

Cost: $2,500