Dennis Emberton Recognized On Trotter Trail

November 10, 2021, (Independence, IA) – The Mustang Foundation and Independence Community School District would like to extend their appreciation to the family of Dennis Emberton for naming a bench after him along the American Trotter Trail.  The plaque reads “In Loving Memory.  Dennis Emberton.  Proud Mustang Fan”.  Dennis wasn’t just a proud Mustang fan, but he was so proud of his family no matter what the case was. He was a proud husband, father of 5 daughters, grandfather of 11 grandkids, and a great-grandpa of 8 great-grandkids. Dennis attended as many athletic events as he could with his wife, Ann, as long as it didn’t interfere with his favorite thing, farming. He often enjoyed offering his glasses to the referees so they could see what he saw during basketball games!  As seen in the picture, the family stated, “It was very ironic that on the day we were taking the picture, the farmer started combining in the field behind where Dennis’ bench sits. Farming was his passion!”

The funds donated to the American Trotter Trail Project are used to pay for the benches, lighting,  litter receptacles along the trail, and other extra-curricular related projects at Leinbaugh Field, Mustang Way Park, and the Tennis Courts.

Making a donation to the American Trotter Trail is a distinct way to honor a loved one, recognize a graduating class (Class of XXXX), remember an achievement (XXXX State Champs), or publicize your business name to all who frequent the trail.

Community members have access to this paved trail on part of the Independence Community School District’s 92 acres. The American Trotter Trail’s name is in honor of the late C.W. Williams, who owned a horse racing publication in the 1890s called, The American Trotter, and also had a nationally recognized kite-shaped horse racing track, located primarily on the school’s 92 acres.  The American Trotter Trail connects all three school buildings, creating a unified campus.

To make a donation or for more information on the American Trotter Trail, visit the Independence Mustang Foundation website at


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