All-Activities Complex

This project was fully funded and completed.  Thank you for everyone’s generous donations!

Project Features

  • Single campus design
  • Tennis courts
  • Additional parking lot by Leinbaugh Field and Baseball/Softball fields
  • New turf at Leinbaugh field
  • Additional parking by Jr./Sr. High School
  • Softball/Baseball diamonds
  • Road connecting the All-Activities Complex to the rest of the school campus

Donation Options

Gifts can be made in the form of:

  • In-kind contributions
  • Cash
  • Other non-cash assets (securities, CDs, real property, etc.)

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Proposed Location & Benefits

Turf at Leinbaugh Field

  • Eliminates the need for a separate soccer field and avoids duplication of bleachers, lights, concessions and restrooms.
  • Could be used by all sports, band, and physical education classes.
  • Minimal maintenance required.
  • Leinbaugh Field will serve as the primary soccer and football field.
  • Annual savings of $40,000/year on maintenance used to cover replacement of top layer every 10-12+ years.
  • Benefits of Turf vs. Natural Grass
    • Can host soccer (all ages), football (all ages), band competitions and many more events
    • Can handle limitless foot traffic and maintain peak surface conditions
    • Can host all or part of practice for football, baseball/softball, track and soccer

Baseball/Softball Fields

  • Currently located at the City’s Complex on the east side of town.
  • One premier baseball and one premier softball field.
  • Allows District to host post season games to generate additional income.
  • Fenced in area around complex.
  • Concession Income:
    • Immediate boost to general activities income
    • 70 summer events with $500 per event – $35,000 each summer
  • Advertising
    • Scoreboard recognition, donor walls, concession stand, etc. not previously possible.
  • Roadway and parking lot to be seal coated to keep up front costs minimized at onset.
  • To be located on the district’s 92 acres on the west side of town.
  • Fields serve as practice and competition fields.
  • Ability to now host Friday night softball competitions.
  • Increased Gate:
    • Fenced in complex – able to better collect admission
    • Increased fan support – locally/visitors
  • Event Hosting:
    • Attractive to IAHSAA and IGHSAU – post season games
    • Promotion of our school district state-wide
  • 350 Car parking lot for multi-use (Leinbaugh Field/Ball Diamonds)


Six Tennis Courts

  • Replaces the three courts at the old high school site.
  • eliminates traveling throughout town for competitions/practice.
  • Tennis courts have an approximate 20 year lifespan.
  • Host conference tournaments and state qualifiers.
  • Looking to get a USTA grant to get new equipment.
  • Community use by parks and rec and adult league.
  • New courts to be located on the school district’s 92 acres on the west side of town.
  • Reduced liability concerns.
  • Minimal updates required each year.
  • Available for all physical education students.
  • Quality facility with access to Jr./Sr. High School restrooms.
  • Practices take place at one venue and are supervised.